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We have had satisfied customers for fourteen years. Our goal is to create sauna rafts that can withstand the changing Nordic climate. We have a wide range of sauna models that are suitable for different needs. Everything from our smallest models Ella Mini and Wilgot Mini, which are well suited as summer saunas, to sauna floats Alfred and Julian, which are perfect as event saunas. All of our saunas can be ordered as sauna cabins for the garden with or as a sauna trailer.

Sauna raft Alice XL
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Marine sauna

Sauna cabins


Marinbastun's sauna cabins give you a unique opportunity to experience a wood-fired sauna in your own garden. Our design creates an atmosphere that lasts for many years, giving you the best sauna experience and true quality of life. Experience our sauna cabins and take part in the ultimate sauna experience.

Sauna fleet Wilma XL

CE marking of sauna boat

Why it is a good idea to buy a CE-marked sauna boat!


Insurance may not be the first thing that comes to mind when planning to buy a sauna boat. But it is an important aspect as it is a big investment to buy a sauna boat.

The marine sauna is the only manufacturer of sauna boats that can offer insurance.

Marinbastun's goal

"I have always appreciated quality and accuracy."

Jonathan Tuori

founder of Marinbastun


The goal is for Marinbastun to always deliver sauna rafts that meet and exceed in these respects. Feel confident that this is something you will notice when you order your sauna raft from us. Why not contact us and discuss your future sauna.

I bought a Frank XL on the phone from Jonathan and it was a very smooth deal. He was very helpful in choosing railings and other accessories. Then when the sauna came, it was even nicer in reality than in the pictures on the website. A wood-fired sauna is a completely different experience than an electronic sauna. Thank you marine sauna for a very nice sauna.

Jonas olsson
CEO Sjöstugans camping

Jonatan with his knowledge and commitment puts the customer in the center and guides one through the entire buying process in a safe and pleasant way. No details are left to chance. A complete sauna with everything you want, and a little more, delivered on time. It is really a pleasure to do business with Marinbastun. School examples of how to create satisfied customers.

Farhad Saeidi

“Thank you for a solid craft. And thank you for the very professional service in connection with delivery. Without your help, it would have been an adventure to tow the raft across the lake and get it anchored. We took the premiere bath last weekend. ”

Helena and Johan Hedin
The balun

“I had been thinking for a while about buying a sauna raft and after a bit of research I found Marinbastun and its owner Jonatan. My wife and I chose the Wilma model and we were up in Söderfors and planned together with Jonatan lighting and wood on lichens and roofs. We now have a fantastic wood-fired sauna that is solidly built and where quality is something that permeates this sauna house. The wife is extra happy that it is so beautiful that it is a real pleasure to take a sauna in the autumn rush! ”

Jonas and Anna Arvidsson
Mälarhöjden, Stockholm

Do you want a different design? Your vision, we build it!

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Have you thought of a different design for your sauna? Do not hesitate to contact us. We help you realize your dreams. With us, there is competence and experience to solve your specific wishes for, among other things, design and delivery.

Sauna raft Alice XL